Brand Architecture

Unsure of where your entity fits within the Cal Poly Humboldt brand architecture?

Follow the flow chart to the corresponding brand level. 
When in doubt, reach out to Marketing & Communications.

brand architecture flow chart


sub brand flow chart

Core Brand

Most units on campus fall within the core brand of Cal Poly Humboldt — including all academic and operational support units. They utilize the primary graphic identity standards of the University, and the brand of the University drives their marketing position and communications. These units use standard wordmark styles which are presented in consistent ways with the full name of the University. This creates greater consistency for our audiences, which helps the University reinforce its core brand while also serving the goals of individual units.

Examples: Colleges, Departments, and Campus Offices and Programs


logo lockup examples for colleges with lines and measurements


logo lockup for departments with lines and measurements

Campus Offices and Programs

logo lockup for campus offices with lines and measurements


Sub-brands are for campus units with very specific marketing needs that are somewhat distinct from the University and its core mission. The unit might provide a unique set of services or products, for example. Also, it must have a need for outreach and marketing targeted to specific external audiences.

The graphic identity of units with sub-brands must be congruent with the University’s core brand. The sub-brand must reflect the core brand platform, but can include distinct messaging to highlight their offerings within their market.

Examples: Centers, Institutes, and Auxiliaries

sub-brand lockups with lines and measurements

Extended Brands

Extended brands are for units that have functions internal to campus that benefit from a unique brand mark. These are exclusively units with responsibility for direct, day-to-day support of students. These units must demonstrate an ongoing need to market their functions to students.

Examples: Clubs, Organizations, and Cultural Centers

Extended color palette:

PMS 302, PMS 335, PMS 123, PMS 130, PMS 7626, PMS 7468, PMS 623

Clubs and Organizations are encouraged but not required to use the above color palettet for logo development.

Cultural Centers may use the above palette for logo development only, and not for design of communications materials.

Cultural Centers

Cultural Centers logo lockups with lines and measurements and examples

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations logo lockups with lines and measurements

Special Campaign and Events

In many cases, marketing campaigns and special events will have a need for a distinct wordmark, logo, or graphical treatment. These are allowable, though as with sub-brands, the costs for creation and maintenance must be handled by the unit responsible for the campaign or event. For campaigns and events that include an off-campus audience, these brands must be developed in collaboration with Marketing & Communications.