Our brand is a big idea or core promise, not just graphics and colors. It is a verbal and visual representation of the Cal Poly Humboldt story—what we do and what sets us apart.


Strategy Drivers

  • Introduce Cal Poly Humboldt as a polytechnic institution; highlight key differentiators in its approach to education.
  • Lean into the University’s academic excellence and reinforce our academic strengths as compared to aspirational peers.
  • Showcase how Cal Poly Humboldt’s liberal arts foundation is a vital asset to the University.
  • Use storytelling to tell impact stories, demonstrating how the achievements at Cal Poly Humboldt have a greater impact on the region, state and nation.

Brand Platform

A brand represents the distinctive characteristics that resonate with an organization’s most important audiences. A compelling brand, applied consistently, helps create lasting connections and builds both trust and value.

Our Brand Platform

Standards & Guides

Our guides are designed to help you keep your department or organization's marketing in line with the University's brand standards. Our guides cover logo usage, brand architecture, editorial styles, website standards, social media requirements, and how to use the events calendar

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Logos & Downloads

Find logo downloads and templates to promote the University's brand.  

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