Brand Promise

A Reimagined Polytechnic Reshaping 
the World

The Brand Promise presents our strongest and most ownable position in the market. This is not a tagline, but rather, a simple, distilled phrase that forms a foundational point for our strategy.

students out in the field


Brand Pillars

Our Brand Pillars further define our competitive advantage through our three biggest strengths: what we believe in, what connects people to us, and what we do differently or better than other institutions.


Where we learn in and from the environment

The North Coast equips our students to conduct novel research and comprehensive scholarship, empowering us to find solutions that have relevance in the region, state and beyond. 

Where art and science meet

We apply critical thinking to our artistic endeavors and creativity to our scientific inquiry. As a polytechnic institution, we thrive at the junction of applied and exploratory. 

Where we amplify voices

We embrace perspectives that have been historically disenfranchised, support and serve the under-resourced and open pathways for higher learning.

Where we are committed to a sustainable world

United in our purpose to further social, environmental and economic sustainability, our education primes us to enter and transform industries and communities.


This helps us to establish and maintain a consistent tone throughout our communications.

We embrace a challenge.

We value authenticity and embrace our true selves.

We advocate for the betterment of our communities and the human condition.

We chart our paths and seek our passions.


The Foundation based on important, yet non-differentiating, pride points.

Hispanic-Serving Institution

Polytechnic Designated

Tight-Knit Campus Community

Minority-Serving Institution

Small Class Sizes