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Cal Poly Humboldt Licensing is responsible for promoting and protecting the University's reputation by ensuring proper usage of its name and symbols. Cal Poly Humboldt strongly believes in the need to protect and positively enhance its name and image by monitoring how its official trademarks are used in public. This is an effort that encompasses managing a list of licensed vendors who have been approved to produce products that embody Cal Poly Humboldt. 

This page is designed to assist those who wish to learn more about the licensing process. Humboldt’s Office of Marketing & Communications, in cooperation with Affinity Licensing, administers the licensing program.

Get Licensed

Any person, business, or organization with an interest in producing items bearing the trademarks of the University need to first obtain a license through Affinity. Learn more about the license types and apply for a license.

About Affinity Licensing

Affinity Licensing is a full-service trademark licensing firm that combines more than 100 years of expertise in collegiate, athletic, fraternal and association licensing to help clients accelerate their brands. Affinity delivers better solutions to brand management, client advocacy and vendor cultivation.

Affinity Licensing
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Sarah Munoz, Regional Brand Manager

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications must approve the use of any Humboldt logos and wordmarks that are printed on clothing or giveaways such as (but not limited to) water bottles, mugs, and pens to ensure appropriate use and consistency with brand standards. On-campus departments or student clubs should contact Marketing & Communications for approval prior to placing an order. 

Marketing & Communications
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Kristen Gould, Director of Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become licensed with Cal Poly Humboldt?
Any person, business, or organization with an interest in producing items bearing the trademarks of the University needs to first obtain a license through Affinity. Learn more about the license types and apply for a license or contact Affinity Licensing at the contact info above.

What qualifies as a trademark?
Any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word(s) or combination of these that can be associated with the University or the athletics department qualifies as a trademark.

What are the brand guidelines of Cal Poly Humboldt?
For a complete overview of Cal Poly Humboldt's brand standards, please view the Brand Guidelines.

Why have a licensing program?
A trademark licensing program gives the University control over its logos and marks, thus, ensuring the quality and consistency of all of the University's merchandise. It also enables the University to generate revenue from the sale of merchandise bearing its logos and marks. The revenue is used to support and enhance many programs campus wide. Outside of the University, the trademark licensing program creates a cooperative and positive working relationship with the manufacturers and retailers who work with the University.

What products can be licensed?
Students, alumni, and fans generate many great ideas for new University products. Products will be considered and must be approved by Marketing & Communications. This ensures all products associated with the University are of high quality and good taste and ensures the non-approval of potentially hazardous items.

Who needs a license?
Anyone wanting to use the marks, logos and symbols of the University must obtain a license.

Can an alumni or student group sell products using the University's marks as a fundraiser?
Before contacting manufacturers regarding new products, designs, or an idea for a fundraiser, be sure to check with Marketing & Communications. They will be able to identify and approve manufacturers to produce the items, saving everyone time and effort.

What about using the University's name or logo on a website?
Every use of the University's trademarks requires permission from the Marketing & Communications. The internet has made it easy for alumni, fans, and supporters to build web pages with the University's name and logos, and the University appreciates this support. However, federal trademark laws require that the University control its name and marks; therefore, the University must be very selective in granting permission in these and all instances. For more information, contact Marketing & Communications. 

When am I able to use the trademarks of Cal Poly Humboldt?
Any trademark which identifies or is associated with the Cal Poly Humboldt may not be used without prior written permission from Marketing & Communications.

How long does it take to obtain approval?
A decision on any license request will depend on the nature and extent of the use being applied for, the number of trademarks involved, the number and diversity of products for which the trademark or trademarks will be used, and other possible factors, such as whether the University believes there is a need to seek legal advice on the application. However, in most cases, an answer will be provided in 30 days or less.

Do I have to submit art for approval?
All art designs must be submitted and approved by Humboldt Marketing & Communications prior to products being produced. 

Student organizations and university departments may contact the Director of Marketing/Marketing & Communications prior to placing an order. 

All other artwork approvals should be submitted through the Affinity Gateway software.


How do we use Cal Poly Humboldt’s trademarks with other trademarks (co-branding)?
Any use of University marks with other trademarks must be approved by the Director of Marketing/Marketing & Communications. 


As stated in Enforcement, the University "will use every means within the law to vigorously pursue any infringement of our federally registered trademark rights."

How much does it cost to become licensed?
The cost for a Standard License Agreement is a 12% royalty fee for Cal Poly Humboldt products.

How does Cal Poly Humboldt ensure products are manufactured in an approved facility?
Our licensing agent, Affinity Licensing works closely with the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) Advisory Council and Executive Committee, as well as regularly attending meetings, seminars and industry events covering anti-sweatshop considerations. Affinity Licensing has also visited several of its clients campuses to participate in educational meetings with students and staff regarding this issue, and has addressed numerous on and off-campus interest groups. Affinity Licensing requires all active licensees to disclose detailed information regarding manufacturing locations used to produce licensed merchandise. Manufacturers applying for a license are required to disclose this information during the application process. Minimally, LLP requires each licensee to adhere to the code set forth by the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC). Interested parties may view the Fair Labor Association (FLA) code of conduct here.




Approved Vendors

Below is a google sheet with our approved vendors. This file is updated once a month so do not download the file.

Approved Vendor List