Visual Identity

A brand is the sum total of all associations that are made with a product or organization. 

Logos are simply visual reflections of the brand.


University Logo

Our logo is oftentimes the first piece of the Cal Poly Humboldt brand a person interacts with. Because it represents Cal Poly Humboldt in such an important way, our wordmark is custom-made to reflect both the originality and history of the unviersity as well as modern facets of our brand.

cal poly humboldt primary logo

Using the Logo

This logo should be used in both internal and external applications. Approved color variations can be found in the Brand Guidelines PDF.

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Clear Space

Clear space refers to the safe area required surrounding the logo. The clear space for our logo is measured using the width of the following components. Using this system, the safe area distance will always scale with the logo.

Cal Poly Humboldt spacing



The Humboldt H.

The H stands for everything that the Humboldt experience is, does, and impacts. The period is a bold declaration and confident statement that there is no other “Cal Poly Humboldt” experience.

H period

Using the Logomark

This logomark is to be used only when the name of the University has been spelled out or when the full logo has already been visually applied. Examples of this would be using the logomark as an avatar on social media as the University’s name is already part of the social media handle, or using the logomark on the interior pages of a viewbook as the full logo appears on the cover. 

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Logomark Spacing

H. with spacing markings around it


When centering the “H.” mark on a promotional item, center the “H” itself and not the “H” and “.” combined.

baseball cap with H.


Official Colors

Primary Colors

Old Growth Green


PMS 3302 C
HEX #004C46
RGB 0, 76, 69
CMYK 100, 0, 54, 69

Chanterelle Gold


PMS 123 C
RGB 254, 209, 65
CMYK 0, 19, 89, 0

Secondary Colors

Sea Glass


PMS 334 C
HEX #00856A
RGB 0, 151, 117
CMYK 100, 0, 60, 3

Sunset Gold


PMS 130 C
HEX #F2A900
RGB 242, 169, 0
CMYK 0, 32, 100, 0

Pacific Blue


PMS 623 C Tint: 100%
RGB 152, 185, 173
CMYK 32, 0, 24, 10

Dune Grass


PMS 4545 C Tint: 100%
RGB 213, 203, 159
CMYK 0, 3, 19, 6

Northern Sky


PMS 623 C Tint: 50%
RGB 205, 218, 213
CMYK 19, 2, 13, 5



PMS 4545 C Tint: 50%
RGB 245, 243, 231
CMYK 0, 2, 10, 3

Incorrect Usage


   DO NOT tilt the logo/logomark

Cal Poly Humboldt logo skewed

   DO NOT stretch or skew the proportions of the logo/logomark in any way.

Cal Poly Humboldt squished logo

   DO NOT attempt to manually recreate the logo/logomark.

Cal Poly Humboldt - wrong font

   DO NOT apply the logo/logomark directly over a dark background pattern

Cal Poly Humboldt with bad backgound

   DO NOT alter the color of the logo/logomark. Approved color variations can be found on pages 33 & 34 of the PDF Guide.

Cal Poly Humboldt wrong color

   DO NOT apply drop shadows or special effects.

Cal Poly Humboldt - bad drop shadow

   DO NOT remove the period from the H in the logomark.

H without the period

Humboldt Brand Guidelines (PDF)

For consistency and to help audiences learn to recognize our brand, it is important to use the University logo correctly. Do not stretch or condense the wordmark, substitute fonts, display at an angle, or add graphic elements to the wordmark or logos.

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humboldt brand guidelines

Prior Review Required for Items Using the Humboldt Brand

Use of University or Athletics logos is subject to licensing and trademark guidelines. 

Before you place an order, Marketing & Communications must review the use of any logos that are printed on clothing or giveaways, such as (but not limited to) water bottles, mugs, and pens. This review is required to ensure appropriate use and consistency with the brand standards. 

Contact Marketing & Communications at
or (707) 826-3321.

All Logos in a Single Download

Includes the following: All primary logo files, all logomark (H.) files, and all secondary logomark files.

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