Our Brand Foundation

At the core of Cal Poly Humboldt’s brand is its mission, vision, and strategic priorities. These, in turn, are driven by the mission and priorities of the California State University system.

Humboldt Mission

Cal Poly Humboldt is a comprehensive, residential campus of the California State University. We welcome students from California and the world to our campus. We offer them access to affordable, high-quality education that is responsive to the needs of a fast-changing world. We serve them by providing a wide array of programs and activities that promote understanding of social, economic and environmental issues. We help individuals prepare to be responsible members of diverse societies.

Humboldt Vision

Cal Poly Humboldt will be the campus of choice for individuals who seek above all else to improve the human condition and our environment.

  • We will be the premier center for the interdisciplinary study of the environment and its natural resources.
  • We will be a regional center for the arts.
  • We will be renowned for social and environmental responsibility and action.
  • We believe the key to our common future will be the individual citizen who acts in good conscience and engages in informed action.
  • We will commit to increasing our diversity of people and perspectives.
  • We will be exemplary partners with our communities, including tribal nations.
  • We will be stewards of learning to make a positive difference.

Humboldt Values

Cal Poly Humboldt values the following academic principles that represent attributes of an academically integrated university, and provide a framework for accomplishing our collective vision and mission.

  • We believe our primary responsibility is to provide the best possible education for today’s world.
  • We believe that teaching excellence is of paramount importance as is learning excellence.
  • We believe in an environment of free inquiry where learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. As a community of learning, the campus curricular and co-curricular environment encourages intellectual discourse, aesthetic creativity and appreciation, and significant opportunities for involvement and service. We prepare students to take on the commitments of critical inquiry, social responsibility and civic engagement necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  • We believe in intellectual growth through scholarship, creative activities and research. We prepare individuals to be successful in advanced academic and professional degree programs; to be in positions of leadership; and to be proactive and productive members of society.
  • We believe in the dignity of all individuals, in fair and equitable treatment, and in equal opportunity. We value the richness and interplay of differences. We value the inclusiveness of diversity, and we respect alternative paradigms of thought.
  • We believe in collegial dialogue and debate that leads to participatory decision- making within our community of student, staff, administrator, and faculty learners.
  • We believe the University must assist in developing the abilities of individuals to take initiative, and to collaborate in matters resulting in responsible action.
  • We believe individuals must be environmentally, economically and socially responsible in the quest for viable and sustainable communities.
  • We believe our location is an ecologically and spiritually rich asset that we embrace as an integral part of our learning community. Our curriculum is relevant, collaborative and responsive to our geographical location.
  • We believe we have a special opportunity to learn from the Native American cultures, the unique ecosystem and special communities of our region, and to apply that knowledge.
  • We believe the University is an integral part of our local and regional communities.
  • We believe the University is a repository for archiving accumulated knowledge with inclusive access for our academic and broader communities.

Humboldt Strategic Priorities – 2015-2020

  • Prepare students to be socially and environmentally responsible leaders in a diverse and globalized world.
  • Foster meaningful relationships across differences, including diverse cultural communities, identities, and competencies.
  • Strengthen Partnerships with Local Communities
  • Serve as effective stewards of the natural and built environment and the University’s financial resources with a focus on sustainability.

CSU Mission

  • To advance and extend knowledge, learning, and culture, especially throughout California.
  • To provide opportunities for individuals to develop intellectually, personally, and professionally.
  • To prepare significant numbers of educated, responsible people to contribute to California's schools, economy, culture, and future.
  • To encourage and provide access to an excellent education to all who are prepared for and wish to participate in collegiate study.
  • To offer undergraduate and graduate instruction leading to bachelor's and higher degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, the applied fields, and the professions, including the doctoral degree when authorized.
  • To prepare students for an international, multi-cultural society.
  • To provide public services that enrich the university and its communities.

This is embodied in three message categories currently in use by the system

  • Quality of programs and services
  • Opportunity for all qualified students to pursue higher education
  • Success of students and alumni, and of the campus programs that serve them