HSU Letterhead MS Word Template [.dotx]

HSU Powerpoint Templates [.pptx]

Each download includes a single Powerpoint file with four colors built into the template. To see the four colors available, click on the New Slide button. Each color comes in four layouts, including a blank slide.

The colors are harmonized so you can mix them throughout a presentation, but we recommend that color changes within the same presentation be made for a specific purpose, such as highlighting new sections or important points. If you have questions about using these templates, or suggestions for improving them, email Hugh at hd7001@humboldt.edu.

HSU Simple Light Set
Simple Light Example


HSU Wave Light Set
Wave Light Example


HSU Simple Dark Set
Simple Dark Example


HSU Wave Dark Set
Dark Wave Example


If you need any help working with these templates or have any questions regarding them,
please email Marketing & Communications or call our main office at 707 826-3398.